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《細說如來藏》英譯本 “Elucidating Tathagatagarbha” 現已出版

We are happy to announce the publication of “Elucidating Tathagatagarbha” by Master Tam, published by The Sumeru Press.


The book is now available for purchase through Sumeru and Amazon.

From the cover: The teaching of Tathagatagarbha may appear simple on the surface, but in reality, it is woven into many aspects of Buddha’s teaching, making it difficult to grasp.

Elucidating Tathagatagarbha is divided into three parts.

Part I is on the “profoundly secret Tathagatagarbha.” It is written for lay readers. Beginners and non-Buddhists can make use of it as a guide to understand worldly affairs from the Vajrayana perspective.

In Part II, Tam discusses Buddhism against a backdrop of Western philosophy. Philosophy offers a number of examples illustrating practical applications of the Tathagatagarbha teaching. Many consider Buddhism as a way to retreat from the world, when in fact, there is an interplay of our everyday affairs and their transcendence, making them inseparable. In this way, Tathagatagarbha is like a “great philosophy.” Through its application, one cultivates the practical (worldly) and wisdom (transcendent) merits.

Part III is The White Conch Pearl, a poem of praise following the Buddhist scriptural tradition Tam wrote years ago, together with an in-depth commentary by the author.

In praise of fourfold dependent origination, it is the author’s hope that this book will create new awareness of the Tathagatagarbha teachings and dispel any misunderstandings about their true meaning.